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I like to travel and to learn about subcultures in different countries. It’s often difficult to find underground punk bars or concert venues if you don’t know anybody in the area, even with help of the www. I was also disappointed of so called „Indie travel guides“ which basically contained the same tips like all the other standard travel guides.

When I started to work as a booking agent for bands, I realized how hard it is to find quality information about tour related problems.  Where can I find an affordable van or a backline rental nearby? What’s the safest and cheapest way to transport musical instruments in an airplane?

I work for bands from different countries which also have lots of questions. What do we need to know about taxes, visa and customs? What’s the name of the right fuel for our tour van in different languages?

Punk Planet shall be the place where travelers and bands can find answers to those questions. I will collect and provide information around (punk rock) travelling and touring with the help of other authors and everybody who likes the idea and wants to participate.

So if any of you know about cool places or alternative scenes in different countries or can give good advice what to do (or not to do) wherever in the world, please contribute to this site.

I want Punk Planet to be accessible to as many people as possible, so most of the content shall be in English. As I am no native English speaker I apologize for all translation errors. Also all information in the lists or articles is given without any guarantee.

If you want to use Punk Planet as an offline app on your smartphone, you can do that for example with the free app Offline Brower, you can update the content while you have an internet connection.

Have fun travelling, touring and surfing through Punk Planet,

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