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Are you looking for a punk rock bar on a tropical island? Are you looking for the closest music shop in Vienna? Do you need to find a place where you can repair your guitar before your next show? Or are you trying to find a nice restaurant with vegetarian or vegan food in Moscow?

The Punk Planet Travel Guide provides travel tips, recommendations, entertaining and useful articles for musicians, music lovers and people who stray from the beaten path. It’s a travel and tour planning site for bands, punk rockers and all kinds of alternative travelers.

I already listed and will continue to list lots of useful places, but all your tips are very welcome. If you know places to stay for musicians on tour, a great vintage guitar shop, a new veggie restaurant or the best punk rock bar in town, write a comment or send me a message.

I visited some of the places myself, others I found online or got recommended from other travelers. Although I’m constantly updating the Punk Planet site, I cannot guarantee that the places are still where they used to be, that they still exist or that you like them.

I will publish articles in English and German about tour and travel planning or about useful and/or entertaining experiences. “Punk rock” is meant in the broadest sense here. If you care about rock music, live shows and if you are generally aware of the ethical, social and political consequences of your actions, you are at the right place. If you are interested in big techno parties, package holidays, five star hotels, design clothing or fast food restaurant chains, you are definitely at the wrong place.

Keep checking back… Punk Planet will grow constantly.